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Asics Unisex Gel-Peake Standard Shoes

  • Brand: Asics.
  • Product type: Sports Shoes.
  • Application: Outdoor Sports & fitness activities.
  • Sold in: India.
  • Product weight: 840 grams.
  • Item dimensions: 10x10x10mm.
  • Quantity: 1 pair.
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Asics Unisex Gel-Peake Standard Shoes
  • Asics Gel Peake Rubber Studs Cricket Shoes has the following highlights/details;
  • The shoes come in a rubber sole.
  • It comes in flyamboyant color of White/ Directoire blue.
  • Asics Gel Peake comes in a lace-up composure.
  • Here the additional Rearfoot and forefoot Gel padding framework protects from hard impact.
  • Designed for athletes who engage in field sports or outdoor training, The gel-peake shoe has been formulated with a durable construction and advanced stability properties.
  • This outdoor sports' Shoe features a stable upper construction that's constructed with Synthetic leather overlays and reinforcement panels at the sides for better midfoot support.
  • This shoe also implements gel technology cushioning in the rearfoot to reduce shock from harsh landings and abrupt braking.
  • The gel-peake shoe also incorporates flex grooves in the outsole for better flexibility during agile movements and Pivoting.
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